Fashion combined with functionality in 2007 and the affordable, luxury brand Fedaboa was unleashed. Originally used as belts for pearl divers, the material Fedaboa utilizes was created as an alternative to leather dive belts, which would corrode and break due to salt water exposure. Now, extending into a multitude of areas in the fashion industry, Fedaboa is getting ready to manifest into a powerfully chic but practical brand with  influence around the globe.


The world is a jungle out there. Watching what you wear can save your skin. Unlike our ferocious animalist counterparts, we get choose our outfits and whatever fashionable facade we pick is what we portray to the world. Sometimes we need to lay low, camouflage and blend in or other times we want to attract a mate with a flamboyant flair. It all depends on following your natural instincts. Unleash your inner beast with Fedaboa.


As Fedaboa branches out in this wild world we realize that just like in the animal kingdom, life is one big cycle. Giving back is a way we will all survive and live together in harmony. We at Fedaboa are constantly searching for new ways to combine our campaigns and philosophy with charities from around the globe, creating innovative ways to provide for those in need. After all, we’re not animals…unless we need to be.